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  • 13 2020-09

    My Dream House高考英语满分作文

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    My Dream House高考英语满分作文

    My dream house is a villa which lies on the coast. There are two yards in the villa. The front yard is a garden with many beautiful flowers an plants for the four seasons. There is a swimming pool in the back yard, as my family are fond of swimming. On the first floor, there is a big hall when you enter the gate. On the right of the hall is a sitting room, there we can relax, have a rest, watch TV and enjoy entertainments. On the left there is a computer room and a study belonging to me. On the second floor, there are six bedrooms with bathrooms. The villa will be equipped with the modern equipment, such as security alarms controlled by computers, vision phones, lifts an automatic doors. Well, that is my dream house.


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