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  • 16 2020-09

    高考英语作文范文-Internet Changes Life

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    高考英语作文范文-Internet Changes Life

    Globally, we have moved from a culture centered on network television, cable, AM and FM radio and telephone into a digital society with mass media,streaming information, intelligent computer.To shift to a digital economy, best demonstrated by the explosive growth of the Internet, is transforming everyday products and practices.Ideas expressed in soft wares, chips, communication systems, financial institutions and mass media have enormous leverage worldwide.Beyond emails and online shopping, the Internet promises to change dramatically huge spectrum activities.Its benefits can be well illustrated in the following aspects.

    在全球范围内,我们已经从一个文化中心为网络电视作文最美作文,有线电视,AM和FM收音机,电话的社会进入到以大众媒体,信息流,智能计算机的数字社会。转变 成数字经济,最明显体现在互联网的.爆增,它正在改变日常产品和实践。思想体现在软件,芯片,通信系统,金融机构和大众媒体拥有巨大的全球影响力上。除了电 子邮件和网上购物,互联网还承诺大改光谱活动。它的好处可以在以下几个方面说明。

    In the first place, it contributes to escape us from laborious work, save our time, facilitate our lives.Secondly, with computer’s extensive reach into every corner of the world, a perspective of human life can be shown only with a single keystroke.No matter where we are, in school, business workshops, operating rooms, labs, banks of halls of government, the Internet appears to reflect a perspective of human life.Furthermore, computer profits us by relaxation and entertainment it provides.

    首先,它有助于我们摆脱费力的工作,节省时间,方便了我们的生活。其次,计算机的广泛延伸到世界的每个角落,只需一个单一的按键就可以透视人类生 活。不管我们在哪里,在学校,企业车间最美作文,手术室,实验室,银行政府大厅,因特网似乎都可以反映人类生活。此外,电脑不仅提供放松和娱乐还有利润。

    But on the other hand, some people debate that it is also inconvenient, waste the time, isolated us from people, and make our lives more complicated.Some people repair the most sophisticated computer but can’t mend a pair of socks.Yet in fact, computer collapse the distances and demolishes all boundaries.Whether computer is a blessing or a curse, depends on different circumstance aand the way you use it.


    As a new millennium appoach, we look forward to constructing a new fantasy land by combination with the wealth this new age will bring and the high technology it will provide.


    the 初一作文题目 17年高考作文 最美作文

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